Posted 1 year ago by -kyle@appstakk

Hi All!

I just checked our BlogStakk for the first time in over 2 months and realized the neglect and horror that I have left the world(2 people who found me by accident) in not posting anything, in soooo long.

I apologize to the 2 people that may find this, but I have literally been slammed on another project and have yet to see the light of day for the last 2 months hunched over my keyboard fiendishly typing letters and numbers until things no-longer makes '{' or '}' or '?' ...

$tired = true;

If ($tired == true){

$kyle = 'sleep';

if ($kyle == 'sleep'){

$kyle = 'awake' 


echo $kyle;


I will return; just not today.. soon though.. but until then:

ttfn <3